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Rights & Responsibilities

When volunteering or working as an intern, it is important to understand what is expected of you and what you can expect from the placement site.

For High School Age Volunteers

To be offered the opportunity to be a volunteer and be regarded as a productive citizen.To be open and honest with your job site supervisor and co-workers from the beginning.
To be provided orientation, training and supervision for the job you accept.To accept the assignment of your choice with only as much responsibility as you can handle and to understand commitments of time and tasks and to fulfill them.
To be assigned a job that is worthwhile, challenging and satisfying.To respect confidentiality and serve as ambassador of goodwill for the job site.
To know whether work is effective, how it can be improved and a chance to increase understanding of self, others and the community.To follow guidelines established by organization such as codes of dress and decorum, etc.
To be kept informed verbally, through newsletters, memos, etc., about what is going on in the organization. To decline work not acceptable to you and to notify designated person early enough so that a substitute can be found.
To be involved with your evaluation.To use reasonable judgment in making decisions when policy is unclear or has not been communicated, then as soon as possible consult with supervisor and inform him/her of the action.
To have a safe, well-supervised work environment, free from discrimination, harassment or physical barriers to accomplish work assignments.To seek and provide honest feedback and suggestions and recommendations with staff members.
To receive feedback and an evaluation on the work you perform.To participate in evaluation when asked to do so.
To expect that your time will not be wasted by poor planning by the organization.To bring enthusiasm and service that lightens the load of all.

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For College Age Students

To do meaningful and satisfying work. To participate in community service projects with enthusiasm and commitment.
To be carefully assigned to projects which meet your interests and needs. To be open and honest with the agency about your expectations and abilities.
To be oriented to the agency - its mission, goals, staff, activities, and policies. To agree to do only what you are qualified to competently handle and realistically accomplish.
To be trained appropriately for your work. To participate in the intake and orientation process (background checks, paperwork, training, etc.).
To receive supervision and guidance throughout your community service experience.To maintain confidentiality and privacy with regards to agency information, clients, and personnel.
To show initiative and leadership. To fulfill time and task commitments.
To voice your opinion and have input into program planning and implementation. To have a non-judgmental approach.
To be treated as a co-worker.To provide timely and constructive feedback to the agency if necessary.
To have your service hours documented (certificate or letter) upon request. To be comfortable saying "no" if necessary.
To not be exploited.To stay safe on the job; for example, make sure that you are never alone with a client.

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