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Parents and Legal Guardians

Information for Parents

The value of volunteering

Many parents and guardians have questions about why their children should do internships or volunteer work. Consider the following reasons...

What is the value of your children doing internships or volunteer work?

  • Your child will get direct, practical work experience while still in school.
  • Your child will receive focused attention from mentors and supervisors.
  • Your child will be working towards a career goal.
  • Your child will meet others who share similar career interests.
  • Your child will network and build skills that may lead to future paid employment in their career of choice.

Research shows that...

  • Students who participate in internships tend to be more successful in school.
  • They learn about future career possibilities, fall in love with careers, cast off others, and make career decisions that will affect their futures.
  • School becomes more meaningful as students get excited about real careers.
  • Students are more likely to persist in the face of obstacles if they have a goal in mind.

Adapted from the Andrew P. Hill High School Health and Human Services Academy Brochure and

Parental Consent

As you consider whether to allow your child to do an internship or volunteer work, review the following sample consent forms to learn what schools, internships and volunteer sites may ask of your child.

Example consent form A
Example consent form B
Example consent form C

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