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EKG Technician

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($44,540 - $47,410)


Diagnostic Services

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- Realistic


EKG or Electrocardiograph Technicians work with patients to measure electrical impulses that are transmitted by the heart during and in-between heartbeats. A simple EKG test would include attaching electrodes to a patients arms, legs and chest, and then obtaining a reading of the electrical impulses on an EKG machine. With more advance training, EKG Technicians will perform Holter monitor and stress testing, which is longer and includes the use of a portable version of an EKG machine,which the patient wears on their belt. At the end of the testing, which is usually 24 or more hours in length, the EKG Technician will print out the test results for a physician to review. The information from the test can be used to diagnose a patient's irregular heartbeat or problems with a pacemaker. In addition to EKG tests, an EKG Technician my assist in monitoring the heart during diagnostic procedures such as heart catherterization. While this career field will continue to have strong demand, there is competition from other healthcare workers who may also be trained in EKG testing. Note, this program is offered through San Mateo County Office of Education Regional Occupational Program. Please contact them for additional details.

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1 semester(s)

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High School degree

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No prerequisites required.

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This online class is offered by the San Francisco State School of Extended Learning, not the San Mateo Community College District.

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Career Advancement Academy Surgical Technology Financial Aid