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Radiologic Technologist

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($85,040 - $92,410)

Key Facts:

Imaging technologists are in demand!


Diagnostic Services

Class of Occupation:

- Realistic


Radiologic Technologists (RT), also sometimes known as Radiology Technicians, work in hospitals, doctor's offices, and imaging centers to take x-rays and administer non-radioactive contrast liquids to patients. RTs prep patients for these examinations by helping them remove jewelry, which block x-rays, and positioning the patent and equipment properly. Then they will adjust controls on the equipment, such as density, detail and contrast, in order to provide the doctor with the specific view that they ordered. After the images have been filmed, they will develop them for later review by a doctor. Some of the different types of scans that are performed by the RT include x-rays, CT (or CAT) scans, MR (or MRI) scans and mammograms. Because of the dangers of working with radiation, RTs protect both themselves and the patients by using lead aprons, gloves and shields, as well as limiting the size of the x-ray beam to only what is necessary. In order to assure a safe working environment, they will also wear a badge that measures radiation and diligently keep records of the amount of lifetime exposure. Certification for this career takes seven semesters.

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Education Info


- Cañada College

Time to Completion:

4 semester(s)

Type of Program:

Associate degree

Educational Requirement

High School degree


$46 per unit for 70.5 units; see

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Getting Started

Prerequisite course listing:

- BIOL 250 Human Anatomy
- BIOL 260 Human Physiology
- ENGL 100 Composition and Reading
- COMM 130 Interpersonal Communication
- MATH 120 Intermediate Algebra or 200 Statistics

Application Required:

Yes (Informational meeting held in Fall semester).

Application Deadline:


Start Date:


Additional Information:

Please contact for further details.

Program Website:

Career Advancement Academy Surgical Technology Financial Aid