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Dental Assistant

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($45,240 - $47,870)

Key Facts:

  • Demand and job growth/availability are high
  • Go full time (2 semesters) or part time (4 semesters) to complete the program
  • Only accredited dental assisting program in San Mateo County
  • Excellent reputation in San Mateo County


Therapeutic Services

Class of Occupation:

- Social


Dental Assistants work directly with both the Dentist and the dental patient and have a variety of responsibilities. These include administrative tasks, such as taking a patient's medical history, providing post-treatment care instructions, and office management tasks. They also can include direct patient treatment, such as taking and developing dental x-rays, taking impressions or molds of teeth, preparing and sterilizing instruments and equipment, and instructing patients on how to maintain healthy teeth. Because much of what a Dental Assistant does can help make a patient feel comfortable during their visit, they are an important part of any Dental team. In smaller medical practices, they might report directly to the Dentist. In larger organizations, they might report to an Office Manager or other Supervisor.

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Education Info


- College of San Mateo

Time to Completion:

2 semester(s)

Type of Program:

Certificate or Associate degree

Educational Requirement

High School degree


$2,500 - $3,000 total cost including tuition, books, parking, uniforms, student kits. Financial aid and EOPS is available. Not due all at once, but rather as payment is needed throughout the semesters.

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Getting Started

Prerequisite course listing:

No prerequisites required.

Additional Information:

Please contact for further details.

Program Website:

Career Advancement Academy Surgical Technology Financial Aid