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Medical Transcriptionist

At a Glance


($48,570 - $56,700)


Health Informatics

Class of Occupation:

- Conventional


Medical Transcriptionists (MT) are responsible for documenting medical procedures performed in the health care industry, including procedure notes, medical histories, autopsy reports, diagnostic imaging and referral letters. Doctors and other medical personnel will hand-write or record audio notes, which are then converted into typed reports by the MT. To excel in this field, the MT must be able to both understand the steps in the procedure that was performed, as well as accurately interpret what the relevant details were. While sometimes the MT will need to communicate with the person who performed the procedure regarding what they meant, more often they will have to figure it out with little or no contact with them. To enter the healthcare field as an MT, certification will take between three and four semesters. Because of a growing aging population in the US, and an increased focus on standardized medical records, this career field is expected to have excellent growth in the future.

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Education Info


- Cañada College

Time to Completion:

4 semester(s)

Type of Program:

Certificate or Associate degree

Educational Requirement

High School degree


$46 per unit for 24-31.5 units

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Getting Started

Prerequisite course listing:

- ENGL 836

Additional Information:

Please contact Victoria Clinton at or for further details.

Program Website:

Career Advancement Academy Surgical Technology Financial Aid