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Central Services Technician

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($46,550 - $53,080)

Key Facts:

  • Central Supply Techs are in demand!
  • A great starting point for many careers in healthcare!


Support Services

Class of Occupation:

- Conventional


Central Services Technicians (also known as Sterile Processing Technicians) are responsible for providing surgical supplies and equipment within health care facilities. This includes storing and distributing equipment, as well as being responsible for decontaminating, cleaning, and sterilization of it after their use. Central Service Technicians must know all of the tools used in hospitals, especially operating rooms, as well as knowing the sterilization and packing methods for each. The advent of procedures that use new technologies such as lasers, robotics, fiber optics, is helping drive the demand for this career field. Demand for this position will increase as the U.S. population gets older and as new advances in medical technology drive new treatment options. Certification in this field can include either (a) the classroom and laboratory courses, or (b) the classroom and lab along with 192 hours of clinical practice in a hospital. Central Services Techs can obtain national certification.

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Education Info


- Skyline College

Time to Completion:

1 semester(s)

Type of Program:


Educational Requirement

High School degree


$46 per unit for 5-6 units; $250 for books, supplies, and a background check

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Getting Started

Prerequisite course listing:

No prerequisites required.

Application Required:

You will be asked to verify that you are free from communicable disease and should be able to lift 30 pounds. It is highly recommended that you be eligible for English 836 or its equivalent. All students will be required to complete a physcial examination verifying freedom of communicable disease and a background check prior to entering the clinical preceptorship. Typically, a student that has had a felony conviction in

Additional Information:

Please contact Linda Breadmont at for further details.

Program Website:

Career Advancement Academy Surgical Technology Financial Aid