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Which path to take

Career Pathways

Why do I need a pathway?

"The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line." - but sometimes taking a different route is the wiser choice.

In healthcare, the skills and training for one career can often prepare you for entry into another. Each job is on a pathway to, and from, a group of related careers.

  • Like having options?
      Choose a career that has many different advancement pathways.
  • Need to work while in school and want it to be relevant?
      Start with a career that has few educational requirements and use it as a stepping stone for where you ulitmately want to be.
  • In the middle of your prerequisites but beginning to reconsider?
      Switch to a related career that builds on the prerequisites you already have.

These are just some of the ways you can navigate using career pathways in healthcare. Use the pathway maps from the home page to chart your own course. Remember, there are always options to grow into new areas; you're never at a dead end!

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